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HSC Preparation 2022

Application for eradication of dengue-carrying mosquito

Imagine that you are a student of Feni Government College, Feni. You know that dengue fever is taking a heavy toll of life nowadays. A particular mosquito is responsible for this danger. This mosquito lays eggs on stagnant water. Now, write an application to the Principal of your college to take necessary measures to eradicate the mosquito and clean up the surroundings of your college.

10 August 2020

The Principal
Feni Government College,

Subject : Prayer for eradication of dengue-carrying mosquito.

We, the students of your college would like to inform you that dengue fever in nowadays taking a heavy toll of life. Adies, a kind of mosquito, carries the dengue virus. It lays eggs on stagnant water. It also lays eggs on standing water in the plastic bottles, plastic pots, tyres, broken parts of coconuts, any sorts of broken pots, etc. As it is almost a fatal disease, we should take preventive steps against this disease so that no student of our college falls a victim to this fever.

We, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to take necessary measures to eradicate the mosquito and clean up the surroundings of our college and oblige thereby.

Your most obedient
The students of Feni Government College, Feni

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