Application for leave of absence

Imagine that you could not attend college for four days due to your cousin’s wedding. Now, write an application to your Principal for the leave of absence.

18 September 2020

The Principal
Govt. Asheq Mahmud College, Jamalpur.

Subject : Prayer for leave of absence.

Dear Sir,
I would like to inform you that I could not attend my classes for 4 days from 14th to 17th instant. I had to attend my cousin’s wedding during this period. Unfortunately, I was unable to inform you in time or take leave in advance. I also mention that this wedding was held in Dhaka and I was taken there without prior information. 

I hope you would kindly consider my case and allow me to leave of those days only. 

Sincerely yours.

Saqib Sajid
Class XI, Section A, Roll No 10, Science Group

-------Same application collected from another book-------

Suppose you are a student of class 9. You could not attend school from 12th to 15 February on account of fever. Now, write an application to your headmaster/headmistress praying for leave of absence for these days.

16th February 2020

The Headmaster,
Dhaka Collegiate School,

Subject : Prayer for leave of absence.

I could not attend my scheduled classes from 12th to 15th February on account of an attack of flu that forced me to remain confined to a clinic close to our house.

I pray that you would kindly grant me leave of absence for the said time.

Your affectionate student,

Sec-A, Class-IX, Roll No-23
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