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Dialogue on the mushroom growth of coaching centres

Imagine, you are Mr. Helal. You have net Mr. Jalal. He is guardian of a student who has come to a coaching centre. He is waiting to take him home. Mr. Helal is concerned at the mushroom growth of coaching centres all over the country. You have a discussion about the matter.

Now, write the dialogue between you and Mr. Jalal on the mushroom growth of coaching centres in the country.

Mr. Helal : How are you. Mr. Jalal? Why are you waiting here?

Mr. Jalal : I’m fine. I’m waiting here to take home my son who has come to this coaching centre for the preparation of the primary scholarship examination this year. Why are you here? Perhaps, you’ve your son here?

Mr. Helal : No, I’ve none here. But I’ve come to see the study condition of a coaching centre. I’m pondering over the mushroom growth of coaching centres all over the country.

Mr. Jalal : Oh. I see. But if there is no coaching centre, there’s, I think, no education in the country.

Mr. Helal : Are you in favour of the coaching centres? But I go against this view. The rapid growth of coaching centres is a great draw-back in our educational system.

Mr. Jalal : Would you please explain how it’s a draw-back?

Mr. Helal : I think, those boys and girls who come to study in coaching centres do not get an elaborate knowledge of their school or college textbooks. They only skim trough book and learn some selected questions by heart.

Mr. Jalal : It’s true. But they are able to get through the examinations by doing so. The teachers who’re teaching in schools and colleges do not do well in their classroom performances. The teachers in the coaching centres give better service. That’s why coaching centres have grown so rapidly.

Mr. Helal : I don’t agree with you. What I want is that there must be some rules and regulations so that the rapid growth of coaching centres can be checked. Coaching centres are not for education, but there’re commercial intentions behind them.

Mr. Jalal : It’s true. But I find no alternative to this. I agree that all coaching centres are not good. Must of them are of no value at all.

Mr. Helal : Thank you very much for your great concern over the mushroom growth of coaching centres here and there.

Mr. Jalal : Thank you, too. Good-bye.

Mr. Helal : Good-bye. See you.

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