Dialogue about the choice of profession

Imagine, you are a father. Your son has appeared at the BA examination. You desire that he should choose a profession now. You have a talk with him about the matter. 

Now, write the dialogue between you and your son about the choice of his profession.

Father : Are you free now, my son? I want to talk about an important matter that concerns you.

Son : Yes. I am. Please tell me what you like to talk about.

Father : You’ve just finished your B.A. examination and I hope, you’ll now choose your own profession. It’s high time that you thought of choosing a profession for you.

Son : For myself, I should like to be a government officer in some office.

Father : I don’t agree with you. Several professions are open to you. Besides a government job, you can choose law, teaching or business.

Son : Right you are, Father. But I think an advocate’s a corrupted man in our society. He does his job mostly on falsehood. I dislike it most. A teacher in our society is very ill-paid and ill-clad. He doesn’t have any social status. He’s a neglected person. I don’t have any fascination for business administration.

Father : You have a narrow outlook with regard to those professions. All the professions I’ve mentioned are good and useful. Teaching is not a well-paid profession in our society, yet it’s a good, noble and dignified profession. Many Nobel Prize winners were Professors.

Son : I think they’ve highly talented people. Not everybody can touch any of these high ranking positions.

Father : You can’t say so. Nobody knows who he’s and what he’s going to do successfully. Many dark horses achieved great success and earned an immortal name. What you need most is your firm determination, perseverance and hard work. Your sincerity, your honesty and your determination will lead you to the zenith of success. If you know choose a profession, you’ll have a definite goal and you’ll work for it.

Son : Shall I be allowed to be a university teacher, Father?

Father : I don’t like to choose any particular profession for you so soon. I give you a week’s time to think seriously. Then we’ll meet again and take the decision according to your choice.

Son : Thank you. Father.

Father : I wish you a happy prosperous future, my son.
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