Application for children’s park

Write an application to the Mayor of the City Corporation drawing his attention to the need for a children’s park in your locality.

Imagine that about twenty thousand people live in your locality in which there is no children’s park. This is a serious handicap to proper physical and mental development of children. 

25th July 2020

The Mayor
City Corporation, ‘D’

Subject: Prayer for a children’s park.

We, the inhabitants of ‘K’ under ‘S’ Thana, beg most respectfully to state that there are about twenty thousand people in our area. But there is no children’s park in our locality. Children are the future hope of the nation. For their mental growth, they need favourable environment. In our locality they do not find any place where they can play freely. 

May we, therefore, pray and hope that you will make necessary arrangements for establishing a children’s park in a suitable place in our locality. 

We have the honour to be

Yours most obediently

On behalf of the inhabitants of ‘S’ Thana


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