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Paragraph : A Table Clock

A Table Clock

A table clock is a timekeeping machine. It is kept on the table. It measures our life. It makes sound like tick and tick in every second of our life. It is made of steel or plastic frame. It has two pointers – one is for a minute and the other is for an hour. The bigger is for indicating minutes and the smaller is for indicating hours. It has also another pointer for reckoning second. It ticks and ticks without any break. If it stops, the whole thing is at standstill. A table clock is most useful to a student. It helps us to know the time. A table clock has an alarm. If we fix it to a certain time, it can produce an alarm sound. It can remind us of our works. Table clocks are of different size – some are round and some are of rectangular shape, some look very attractive. They can add to the beauty of a room but their function is the most important.

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