Letter to someone to learn computer operation

Write a letter to your younger brother ‘M’ advising him to learn computer operation.

You have a younger brother named ‘M’. He has wanted your suggestion about what he should do after his examination. You find that modern world is the world of computer. It has entered every sphere of life and made life very simple and easy by doing wonders. So, you think that learning computer operation is a crying need of the day. 

August 22, 2020

My dear ‘M’,
I have received your letter to the 20th instant. You wanted to know what I suggest you do after the examination. Here I am going to tell you about this. 

The modern world is the world of computers. Age-old system of keeping record in files is gradually making way for computer-based data processing. It is used in schools, colleges, offices, banks, airlines, shops, laboratories, hospitals, libraries. It is called upon to prepare electric bills, record telephone conversations, send reminders to others. Computer-based telecommunication network set up instant links with any part of the world at any time. Automation has replaced manual labour in factories. In the field of medical diagnosis and printing technology computerized machines are doing wonders. So, learning computer operation is a crying need now. In this regard, I think it is proper time for you to learn how to operate it. 

You are quite young now. In this tender age, you may not feel the consequences of neglecting learning computer. But sooner or later the lesson will be brought home to you and then you will have to regret your present neglect. So, without any hesitation, make up your mind to learn computer. 

Hope you are all right. With love, 

Yours affectionately
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