Letter to someone for avoiding evil company

Write a letter to your younger brother Alamgir advising him to avoid evil company.

You have a younger brother named Alamgir. You heard that he is mixing very much with the bad elements of your locality. You want that, he should mend his ways and keep away from them. 

48 South Kamalpur, Dhaka-1200
19 March 2020

My dear Alamgir,
I received your letter few hours back. I am glad to know that all of you are well. 

Sometimes ago I heard that nowadays you are mixing very much with the bad boys of our locality. You know that those with whom you mix are the criminals. They are involved in taking wine, abduction and toll collection. They are under warrant for several cases. Last month, they killed a businessman. I do not understand how you mix with such evil boys. It will not only destroy you, but also will destroy the whole family. You are only 16 years old. Taking preparation for the examination is your main responsibility. I hope you will mend your ways and free yourself from them as early as possible. 

No more today. I am waiting for your letter. 

Your beloved brother 


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