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Letter to someone about student politics

Write a letter to your friend ‘A’ telling him about the bad effect of student politics.

You have a friend named ‘A’. You have heard from another friend that ‘A’ is fully engaged in student politics. You are aware that practice of fair politics is gradually missing out from the educational institutions. Students are mostly exploited by unscrupulous politicians. Students have taken up arms in their hands and engaged themselves in terrorist activities. Many students have lost and are still losing their lives because of campus violence. You want to draw the attention of your friend ‘A’ to the bad effect of student politics.

July 10, 2020

My dear ‘A’,
I am very glad to receive your letter after such a long time. I thought you had forgotten me. It gives me great joy when I hear from you. However, I have heard from one of my friends that you are now fully engaged in students politics. This is very disheartening news because students’ primary objective should be learning. Though our contribution to politics, but the trends of student politics in recent days are quite different. In the past, students were devoted to their education and moved in politics only when the country needed. But now students have become the victim of politics as they are mostly exploited by some of the politicians. Now student politics become cadre politics. Practice of fair politics is gradually missing out from the campus and students are getting frustrated on many counts. Some students have taken arms in their hands and engaged themselves in terrorist activities. Rivalry among different parties is common in the colleges and universities that hamper greatly educational atmosphere. Because of the violence in the campus, a great number of educational institutions often remain closed sine die. Now it is the expectation of many learned persons as well as parents to stop student polities as a lot of good and innocent students have lost and still are losing their valuable lives falling as the victims of student politics.

So much for the present. Don’t forget to convey my compliments to your parents and love to all.

Yours ever,

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