Letter to friend for condoling death of his father/mother

Write a letter to your friend ‘P’ condoling the death of his mother.

Suppose, you are ‘X’ of ‘M’ Road ‘D’. You have heard that your friend ‘P’ has recently lost his mother. Her sudden demise has left ‘P’ terribly dejected. 

‘M’ Road, ‘D’
April 10, 2020

My dear ‘P’,
The news of the sudden death of your mother has come to me like a bolt from the blue. When I visited your house lately, I found her quite hale and hearty. But nobody can foresee when the cruel hands of death will be laid on her. The demise of your mother is really a rude shock and an irreparable loss. I realise how terrible it shakes you with sorrow. It is futile to tell you words of consolation at this hour of bereavement. I would just request you to pluck up courage and bear the loss with patience. May Allah give the departed soul eternal peace.

With all the best wishes.

Yours lovingly

-------Same letter collected from another book-------

Suppose, you are Kajol. Recently your friend Mukul who lives in his own village Komorpur, Faridpur has lost his father. He has greatly been shocked. 

Now, write a letter from your residence 7 Farashgonj Road, Dhaka condoling him for his father’s death.

7 Farashgonj Road, Dhaka
25 March 2020

My dear Mukul,
At the outset take my salam. I am deeply shocked to listen that your father is now no more. I do not know how to console you. He was the patient of blood cancer. He suffered about one year. Actually, his death was destined. Please, do not take my word otherwise. My father also died untimely due to heart failure five years ago. So, I can understand your mental condition totally. But still, there is nothing to do. Because Allah says, “Every soul must have to take a taste of death”. So, pray to Allah for the peace of the departed soul.

Inshallah, the soul of your father will be in the best paradise because his life was full of good activities. The man like your father will remain as a model of good personality in the minds of those who know him closely. I wish the salvation of his departed soul.

No more today. May Allah give you the strength to your heart to take this shock patiently. I shall visit Komorpur next month.

With love
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