Letter to friend describing street accident

Write a letter to your friend’ ‘M’ describing the street accident that you have witnessed.

Imagine, you have just witnessed a street accident. It was a ghastly scene. You are now terribly upset. You cannot compose yourself. You feel like sharing your disquiet with someone. You have remembered your friend ‘M’. 

April 25, 2020

My dear ‘M’,
I am now terribly upset. I have just witnessed a street accident. It was ghastly! I cannot compose myself. So I have hastened to share my disquiet with you through this letter. I was returning from Gulistan. It was about 1.30 p.m. The road was not much crowded. When my rickshaw came near Malitola a loaded truck rushed from behind at a very high speed, overtook my rickshaw and hit the rickshaw in my front. A teen-aged boy who was the passenger in that rickshaw was thrown off and he fell under the hind wheels of the truck. In the twinkling of an eye, his mutilated body with the broken head lay there in a pool of blood. The killer truck sped away amidst the hue and cry of the people who gathered there. The unfortunate victim succumbed to death on the spot. What a horrible sight it was! 

I could not stand the scene and return home at once with a broken heart. I do not know how I can get over this shock. Someone has to do something to check such accidents. Please write to newspapers in this behalf so that the traffic police become more alert. 

Yours sincerely
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