Letter about tree plantation

Write a letter to your friend ‘K’ about plantation of trees.

Suppose, you are very unhappy about thoughtless destruction of trees in our country. Trees give us fruit and timber, prevent desertification and soil erosion and maintain ecological balance. You think that destruction of trees must be stopped and the gaps caused by such destruction must be filled up by way of plantation of trees. You believe that your friend ‘K’ also holds the same view as you do. 

November 14, 2020

My dear ‘K’,
I am going to tell you today about the importance of tree plantation in our country. Trees are our great friends. They give us fruit and timber. Fruits are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Timber is a very useful thing. Trees maintain ecological balance. They prevent erosion of soil. They also prevent desertification by causing rainfall. But there are people who thoughtlessly cut down trees and destroy our woods and forests. We shall do well to stop such thoughtless acts and fill up the gaps caused by such destruction. So we should plant trees in the premises of our houses, schools, colleges, hospitals, banks and other institutions. Besides, we should take active part in the Government’s annual tree plantation programmes. I hope you agree with me and will do the needful. Please let me know about your activities in this sphere. 

So much for the present. I am well. Hope this finds you in good health and spirits. 

Yours sincerely
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