Letter to father inquiring flood situation in native village

Write a letter to your father inquiring about the present flood situation in your native village.

Suppose you have seen in the newspapers that your thana has been badly affected by the present flood. The communication system stands disrupted and you cannot go home to see the flood-situation in your native village. 

‘D’ College Hostel
August 25, 2020

My dear Father,
I do not hear from you for a long time. I have come to learn from newspapers that our locality has been very badly affected by the flood. I have reasons to guess that all the villages in our thana are now underwater. Since the communication system stands disrupted, I am not in a position to come personally to see the damage done to our area by the flood. So I have been passing very anxious days. Please relieve me of my anxieties by writing a letter at your earliest convenience telling how you all at home are and how much we and our near and dear ones are affected. 
With my best regards to you and mother. 

Your loving son.
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