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Letter for requesting to return your book

Write a letter to your friend ‘R’ requesting him to return your ‘Degree Compulsory English’ at a very early date.

Suppose you have an intimate friend named ‘R’. He borrowed from you your ‘Degree Compulsory English’ some time ago but has not yet returned the book. Your pre-test examination is near at hand and you are going to set about preparing in English. 

Ctg. Govt. College Hostel, Ctg.
April 5, 2020

My dear ‘R’,
Your silence for a long time cuts me to the quick. I hope you are going on well with your studies. Our Pre-test Examination will be held very soon. Though the date is not yet notified, I have been preparing my lessons in full swing. I shall set about dealing with English shortly. I hope, you have fulfilled your requirements in respect of my ‘Degree Compulsory English’ by Dr. M. M. Rahman which I gave you long ago. It will be very nice of you if you kindly take care to return the book at a very early date. You will get it again if need be after I shall have finished my preparation in English. 
So much for the present. With all the best wishes.

Your loving friend

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