Letter to friend on acid-throwing on women

Write a letter to your friend Rahim telling how you feel about acid-throwing on women.

Suppose, you are Rahim of 38 Banglabazar, Dhaka. You have a friend, named Rafiq. He has written in his last letter about his unhappy feelings in respect to the crime situation in Bangladesh. You also have similar feelings, particularly regarding acid-throwing on women.

38 Banglabazar, Dhaka-1100
6 March 2020

My dear Rafiq,
I received your letter the day before yesterday. Reading your letter, I came to know about your feeling regarding different crimes in our society. I also have similar feelings especially about acid-throwing on women. 

Acid-throwing has become a common crime in our country. Though it is a major crime, every day lots of such incidents take place. It is extremely sorrowful that the acid-throwers are not punished adequately. That is why crime is increasing day by day. We have strict law, but it is not implemented. After committing the (acid-throwing) crime, the criminal takes the shelter of some influential politicians. The politicians try their best to save the criminals and finally the criminals remain beyond a touch of law. Thus, they throw acid and face no punishment. If we, the general people become more conscious, then we would be able to free our nation from the curse of acid-throwing. 

No more today. Convey my respect to your parents. 

Your loving friend,
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