Letter to friend describing the National Memorial at Savar

Write a letter to your friend Hamid describing your visit to the National Memorial at Savar.

Suppose, you are Zakaria of 12 Banglabazar, Dhaka. You have a friend, named Hamid. Recently you have visited the National Memorial at Savar. 

12 Banglabazar, Dhaka-1100
6 March 2020

My dear Hamid,
I am happy to receive your letter. I came to know many good things as I read the letter. You will be happy to know that I visited our National Memorial a few days ago. 

You know that we got our freedom by the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of lives. The patriots of our land fought against the oppression of the West Pakistani rulers. Finally, the West was bound to surrender to our freedom-fighters. But a great number of sons of the land died in the war. Soon after the war, the government of Bangladesh founded the National Memorial in the memory of the martyrs. 

The memorial is 150 feet high and 130 feet wide. The entire complex covers an area of 126 acres. A mosque, a library and a museum will be built in it. The relics of the liberation war very much will be kept in the museum. I am impressed to visit the museum. I think everybody should visit the museum. 

No more today. Wishing you the best of luck.

Yours ever,


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