Application for game facilities

Write an Application to the Principal of your college to improve indoor games facilities in the common room. 

Imagine, you are the General Secretary of the Students’ Union, R. College, Sylhet. The common room of the college lacks in adequate facilities for indoor games. So the students face a lot of inconvenience. You think it essential to provide the common room with adequate facilities for indoor games. 

23 March 2020

The Principal
‘R’ College

Subject : Prayer for improving indoor games facilities in the common room.

Sir, I beg to state that our common room lacks in many facilities. There are not sufficient numbers of chess boards, benches, chairs, and tables in the common room. As a result when a few students play a large number wait for their turn. The Students suffer most on hot days as there is no fan there. Most of the students keep standing as there is only one bench to sit on. There is only one carom board for about a thousand students. There is no arrangement for table tennis. 

So I request you earnestly to take necessary steps to improve the facilities for indoor games in the common room as early as possible. 

Your obediently 

General Secretary
Students’ Union
‘R’ College, Sylhet
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