Composition : Education Should be Made Compulsory

Education Should be Made Compulsory

Education is defined through a few scholars as an exchange in behavior as desired by using the authority or an effective instructor. The holy Hadith says that if need be, the man or woman is to go to China for seeking know-how. Seeking information is compulsory for both males and females, additionally covered in the holy Hadith.

Education is obligatory for all and it has no alternative. Proper schooling builds up the right guy. But it has to be the right training. Moral teaching can help us to be guys of the individual. Academic education broadens our mental horizon and a rustic includes many individuals. Education can increase the kingdom. Forty years in the past we got our independence. But we've got not done the monetary freedom of the united states. Without economic freedom, independence has no value. So schooling is a should for all. In my opinion, training must be made compulsory for all. Necessary steps have to be taken by the authorities in this regard.

A knowledgeable state can bring prosperity and happiness which might be desired via all. But we don’t have enough faculty now. We have plenty of people in our united states of America. More schools and colleges are to be set up. Again the majority of our u. S. A. Are poor. They can't have enough money for the lesson charges. Education is a have to for all. And it must be compulsory. But a hungry guy cannot attend the faculty. A hungry guy is an irritated guy. Child labor is against the law in our us of a. A boy is named as an infant until be arrived at the age of 16. Some mother and father strive . They are disabled. They cannot work. They rely upon his son of 12, so the boy is bound to earn by any method for himself and his aged parents.

Education should be obligatory. But starving children can't study. We want compulsory education for all. But our present monetary gadget is an obstacle in this regard. If wished, the rationing machine may be applied for the terrible but excellent college students. Education ought to be obligatory. But essential steps have to additionally be taken in this regard. If those are done, optimistically our kingdom will prosper speedy.

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Education is the process by which our mind develops through formal learning at an institution like a school, madrasah, college or university. It is mental and intellectual training. It provides us with opportunities and gives us strength to meet the challenges of our life. It helps us overcome the obstacles to progress and development.

The purpose of education is to enlighten the individual and develop one's capacity to the limit. It empowers our mind and refines our sensibility. It broadens our outlook and helps us to make difference between right and wrong, fair and foul, good and evil, black and white, etc. 

Education should be made compulsory for all citizens for the overall development of the people as well as the country. I strongly support this opinion for the following reasons. Education is the tool of development of individual (ইনডিভিজুআল – ব্যক্তিগত) knowledge and skill. When the people of country and educated, their skill and knowledge accumulate (অ্যাকিউমিউলেইট – বৃদ্ধি পাওয়া) for the benefit of the country. Thus, the national standard of education rises to the desired height. Education familiarizes people with science, technology and the latest innovation (ইনোভেশন – নবধারা) in the modern world. This type of knowledge of our people can be useful for exploration, extraction and utilization of our natural resources including coal, gas and oil. 

The mental enlightenment of the people is achieved through education. This aspect of human resources development ultimately contributes to brotherhood, cooperation and fellow-feeling among the people of the country. Education also helps human beings to differentiate (ডিফারেনশিএইট – পার্থক্য করা) between the good and the evil. The individual choice of good ultimately becomes a collective force to prevent corrupt practices, defeat terrorism and to uphold the fair play in all spheres (স্ফিআরিস্ – সীমা/বলয়) of national life. 

No nation can develop and prosper leaving a group of people behind or keeping an area under the cover of darkness of illiteracy. Here is the necessity of compulsory education for all. If your son is educated but your daughter is not; your family is half-educated. Likewise, if the men are educated and the women are not; the nation is half-educated. If the people of some places of communities are educated but some others are deprived (ডিপ্রাইভ্‌ড – বঞ্চিত); then the country is partially educated. 

Therefore, education should be made compulsory for all men and women of all areas, communities, professions, are religions for the balanced development of the nation. 
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