Paragraph : Love conquers all

Love conquers all

Love has a power to conquer everything. The feeling of love is inherent in human nature. Everybody wants to conquer his/her desirable thing through love. Love can be pure and beneficial or love can be blind and become the root of all evils. A man can be admired all over the world through his lovable activities. The man who loves all can occupy a place in the people’s heart and people remember him forever. Love in man of wisdom and virtue does more good than harm. Here the power of love is not abused. It is put to a very good use. It is exercised not for the purpose of winning over others but for the purpose of making everyone happy. A virtuous man lives not for himself but for others. He seeks power so that he may do good. Virtue itself is a power of love that transcends all other powers. No man is so respected and obeyed as a virtuous man. Even a king bows down his head to him. His empire is based on hearts of man. Let a virtuous man have as much power as can be had. It will then be used for the benefit of mankind. Good manner is an important part of love. By our good behaviour, we can get the love of others. We should show respect to our superiors and civility to our inferiors and equals. It is one of the greatest virtues that a man can love his country deeply. A man must love his fellow beings and do all he can to remove their sufferings. Love begets love and hatred begets hatred. We can conquer the heart of all by extending to them our love instead of hatred and bitterness.
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