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Paragraph : Village Politics

Village Politics

Village politics is a curse in rural societies. Generally, the village people are believed to be very simple. In fact, most of them are so. But there are some people having some schooling. They are very notorious and fraud. These people indulge in village politics. They always think of doing harm to others or cheating them. They encourage and instigate the simple-minded illiterate people to file cases against their enemies instead of settling their disputes. These people always try to keep the quarrel alive. They are litigious people. In order to maintain their power and influence, they resort to village politics. The term politics is misused in the village. Sometimes they set their own house on fire or would their own men with weapons and file false cases in the court against their enemies. Often the infants of two families are married to increase their influence and strength. Good and honest people are afraid of their evil designs. Mass literacy and mass awareness are the only means to get rid of village politics.

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