Paragraph : Civic Sense

Civic Sense

Civic sense or consciousness is an indispensable condition of living a peaceful city life. A great many people live together in a town. So a good peaceful living demands from the citizens' certain behaviours regarding health, sanitation, law, and order. If a person throws litter on the street, builds a house in such a way that it causes inconvenience to this neighbours or plays music so loudly that it causes disturbances to others, then living in a city becomes a hellish experience. Again the state demands of the citizens' certain duties and responsibilities. They should pay taxes, vote help the authorities in maintaining law and order, health and sanitation of the country. In a word, a good citizen must be aware of his duties to the state, his neighbours and the public in general. Without this awareness, no one can be a good citizen and without good citizens, no state or country can be a good one. Only a good civic sense can make a town or a country worth living.
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