Essay : My Mother

My Mother

Introduction : The word ‘Mother’ is very sweet to me. She bearded me into herself before coming into this earth. When I was a mere child, she suckled me and thus I was getting growth. I can never forget my mother. All of my dreams surround her. I get mad if I do not see her. She is my shelter in any danger.

Mother in religious concern : Mother’s position in the family is very high. In the religion of Islam, it is said that the heaven of offspring lies under the feet of the mother. Allah has also ordered us to serve our parents if we want to serve anyone after Him. All the religions have shown respect to mother.

My busy mother : My mother is a housewife. She is to do all the household works of our family of seven members. She takes after us and also helps my father in his works. She herself prepare our dresses. She looks, washes clothes, cleans house etc. Her performance is maintaining the family is very excellent. She does not feel tired to do work. I get surprised that she starts working early in the morning and continues till about midnight. Every member of our family praises her talent. She is very sincere about hygiene. Wherever we get ill she serves to us. She does not hesitate to sacrifice any of her happiness to see the smile on our faces. I am very proud of my mother.

My sad mother : My mother is a graduate. Even then she is absolutely housewife. She is capable to have any respectable job. But my father has restricted her to go outside for any job. My mother was upset with my father’s conservative attitude. But she had nothing to do. She cannot forget that in-judgment of my father even today.

Conclusion : Mother and motherland are superior to Heaven. My mother is all of my life. I can think nothing without my mother. I love my mother more than my life.
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