Essay : Food


Introduction : We must eat food to live a healthy and happy life. In our body different organs do different types of works and different types of food in a particular quantity is very much essential for our body.

Kinds of food : According to food value and workings in our body food is classified into six classes. They are-

(i) Carbohydrate : It gives us heat and energy and keeps our body fit for works. We can get carbohydrate by eating rice, bread, potato, sweets, sugar, oil etc.

(ii) Fat : By taking oil, ghee, butter, we can get fats which give us heat and energy and prevents decay.

(iii) Protein : Fish, meat, dal, beans, and milk are very nice in protein. By taking these food we can ensure the buildings and the proper growth of our body.

(iv) Vitamins and mineral salts : The food having vitamins and mineral salts protect us from diseases and keep our body strong and healthy. By eating vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish, meat and leaves and by drinking milk we get both vitamins and mineral salts.

(v) Water : Water is not important but absolutely essential for our body. As about 95% of our body contains water. So we must get fresh and pure water along with our foods every day. We should take different classes of foods which are necessary for our body.

Conclusion : We must remember that we need every type of food in a balanced and particular quantity according to our necessity, otherwise it may create malfunctioning in our body. So to live a healthy and happy life we should take a balanced diet every day.
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