Composition : Prize Day At My School

Prize Day At My School

Prizes are awarded every year to a few selected boys of our school on the results of the Annual Examination.

The gate was decorated with plantain trees and green leaves. The walls of the hall were tastefully decorated with green leaves, flags and chains of coloured paper. It looked so attractive.

The Deputy Commissioner (D.C.) presided over the function. Many respectable gentlemen attended the function. It was just five o’clock when D.C. arrived. Our Headmaster received him at the gate. Everyone in the hall stood up when he entered the hall. Two little boys garlanded (মালা পরাল) him. An opening song was then sung. Our Headmaster then read the annual report of the school. After this, the boys recited some famous poems. The President then gave away the prizes. The Headmaster read out the names of the prize winners. They came near the President one by one and received their prizes from his hand.

When the prize-giving function was over, some of the gentlemen spoke a few words to encourage us. Then the President stood up and gave a short but educative speech.

All the students wait for this prize distribution day. Brilliant students always want to get prizes from somebody holding an upper rank in the society or administration. At the same time guardians of students are found cheerful seeing the prizes their children win. So, the prize giving day is an important one to all of the related persons.

When the President took his seat, our Headmaster gave him thanks. A closing song was then sung and the function was over.

Same composition collected from another book

A prize-giving ceremony is held once a year at every college. It is an academic ceremony where students are rewarded for their merit. It is also an occasion of great joy and delight. The prize-giving day of our college came off last month. 

On the day, the college building was beautifully decorated with flowers, coloured flags and festoons. The hallroom in which the function took place was nicely decorated. The elite of the society were invited. The local DC was the chief guest on the occasion. 

By 10 am. the invited guests arrived. The volunteers guided the distinguished guests of the locality to the seats. The guardians of the students took seats in the rows allotted for them. The students took their seats in the back. There prevailed an atmosphere of solemnity and quietness. 

The function began with the recitation from the Holy Quran, The National Anthem was sung with the hoisting of the National Flag. Then, the Principal read out the annual report of the college. The report was followed by the speeches of a few guardians. The Principal then called out the names of the prize winners. The prize winners took their prizes from the president. The other students encouraged them by clapping their hands. The president shook hands with them and gave away prizes with a happy smile. It was also a memorable day for me because I too received a prize from his hand for my outstanding performance in the last final examination. 

Finally, the president gave a short but instructive speech. His speech was followed by a vote of thanks by the Principal. The function came to a close with a song. It was quite an enjoyable day.
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