Composition : An Occasion I Remember

An Occasion I Remember

I am now fifteen. Many incidents have taken place during this short span of my life but all of them are not equally memorable. I can remember only a few of them. One such occasion is the day of my admission into the Pogose School. This is the school from where I matriculated.

It took place in the fifth year of my life. One day my father told me that he would get me admitted into Pogose School the following day.

In the morning of the day, I got up early and had my bath at 9:30. After taking my breakfast I started at school with my father. When we entered the school, I felt very nervous. It was such an imposing building. My father went to the Headmaster’s chamber and asked his permission to enter. It was at once granted. When we entered my heart was beating quickly. But the headmaster looked at me with a smiling face and asked me a few questions. He seemed satisfied at my answers and said that I was fit for class III. My father went to the section assistant (শাখা সহকারী) and got me admitted. The peon then took me to my class. There were other boys like me and they looked at me in a friendly manner. I took my seat on a bench. During recess, my classmates took me to the field where we played games. Our classes broke up at 4:10 p.m. I then came out of my class and left for home.

The occasion had a lasting impression on me. Although long ten years have passed, the memory of the day is still vivid (উজ্জ্বল) in my mind.
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