Paragraph : Our Wage Earners

Our Wage Earners

From Bangladesh, a lot of people are going abroad for work. They are called wage earners. These are the people who send the valuable foreign exchange which the country needs very badly. In May 2012 a huge number of Bangladeshis went abroad for jobs. It was due to high demands of our manpower in foreign countries. Nearly 73 thousand job-seekers went abroad only in May. The number is 51 percent more than the number in May last year. Countries that import manpower like, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Singapore prefer the Bangladeshi manpower for their hardworking nature. Other countries where Bangladeshis work in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Libya etc. The scope of manpower export is created in Malaysia too. A large number of skilled professionals also migrate to the US, Canada Australia, New Zealand, UK and other countries each year. Remittance or foreign exchange from Bangladeshi wage earners abroad was US D 11.76 billion in May 2012.

[Adapted from The Financial Express, 7 June 2012]


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