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Duties of a Student

↬ Duties and Personalities of a Student

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The Future of a country largely depends on the students. They have to receive well education, acquire good qualities and shape themselves as ideal citizens. If they perform their duties of making themselves good citizens, the country will so course progress and prosper.

The primary duty of a student is to learn his/her lessons and attend his/her classes regularly. Education will build up his character without which none can serve his country and countrymen. But in these days study alone is not enough for a student. Other duties also await him. These are duties to parents, superiors and society.

The first and foremost duty of a student is to acquire knowledge. Acquisition of knowledge. Acquisition of knowledge through the right way will make him/her competent.

Our parents love us very dearly. They every care of us when we are young and helpless. So, it is our solemn duty that we should always be grateful to them. Students’ should serve their parents in all possible ways. They should abide by the advice of their parents and superiors.

Students have youthful vigour, warmth and inspiration. Students should devote themselves to the service of society. They can organise social service squads in their respective institutions to work in different areas.

A student should broaden his/her outlook through reading newspapers, journals, books on travels, etc. Besides, a student should build up his/her body and mind through physical exercise. Moreover, he/she should be aware of the evil company.

Students have many responsibilities to do besides study. However, they should remember that they should not be more involved in these activities. They have to maintain a fine balance between his study and other duties.

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Introduction : The student life is the period during which boys and girls get their education in schools and colleges. In this period people learn in schools and colleges how to make the best use of life.

Primary duty of a student : The basic duty of a student is to acquire knowledge. For this, he has to study hard. He mush study to qualify himself for a particular profession and progress in life. Proper education will make him a good citizen.

Other activities of student life : In the present-day world, a student should not confine himself to his books alone, During his leisure, he should read newspapers, magazines and periodicals. He can also read interesting books, such as novels, biographies (জীবনচরিত), books on travels and general knowledge etc. when he is free. This will add to his knowledge and prepare him for the battle of life.

Physical activities, good company etc. : In order to build up his body a student should take regular physical exercise. He should also take part in all extra-curricular activities of the school. He should obey the health rules and keep neat and clean. His ideal should be high thinking but plain living. He should keep good company and always try to do things for himself.

Most pleasant period of life : Student life is the best part of a man’s life. In the period he is free and has not much worldly worry. Usually, he has not to earn money for his living. So it is the most pleasant period of life.

Seed time of life : A man gathers knowledge, forms his character and prepares himself for the future in his student life. It is, therefore, called the seed time of life. As he sows, so he will reap. If he uses his time well, he may be lucky and happy. If he does not do so, he may be a failure and feel sad for the rest of his life.

Conclusion : Student life is the period to prepare a student for the battle of life in future. So he should be careful to cultivate good habits and give up bad ones.

Same composition collected from another book

Student life is the best period of life. The period of life spent in schools and colleges in gathering knowledge is called student life.

A student’s first duty is to gain knowledge. He should read his lessons regularly and attentively. He should form the habit of speaking the truth with a view to building up his character. He should read only good books. He should respect his parents, teachers, and superiors. During his leisure, he should read newspapers, magazines and other best authors.

A student has many other duties except studies. He should take regular physical exercise to build up his health. He should be neat clean. He should be a man of high thinking and plain living. Society does much for him. During Natural calamities like flood, he should come forward to render his direct services to the victims.

Student life is the most pleasant and important period of one’s life. So it is the only duty of a student to use his time properly and do his duty properly to reach to the top in the run of life.


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