Composition : A Village Market

A Village Market

A village market is an important place. The villagers meet on fixed days of the week to buy and sell their articles. It generally sits by the side of a river a canal or a big road.

Village markets are of two kinds. Some of them sit twice in a week in the afternoon and break up after sunset. They are known as “bazaar”.

There are two kinds of shops in the village market- permanent shops and temporary shops. In permanent shops, people buy clothes, medicine, papers, sweet-meats and many articles of daily use. Temporary shops are arranged in rows. They are called stalls. These are occupied by shopkeepers on market day. They remain there so long as the market lasts. There are the fish corner, vegetable corner, raw item corner and so on. The sellers in each corner sit in lines. They set up their stock before them. In the village market, nothing is sold at a fixed price. So there is higgling among the sellers and the buyers over the price of commodities. The fish market is the most crowded of all. The betel-leaf sellers sit in a corner under the shed. They are very sellers.

A village market is a meeting place for the villagers. They meet their friends and relatives. The village postman finds a unique place to deliver letters, money orders, parcels etc. to the addressees.
A village market should be properly guided and looked after by a committee.

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A village market is generally situated by the riverside or by the side of a road where people of the nearby villages may come without much difficulty. Some village markets are big and some small. A village market is generally held twice or thrice a weed according to local need or custom.

In a village market, there are small huts where the shop-keepers sit with their goods for sale. Some shop-keepers sit under the open sky. In some village markets, there are a few permanent shops. The shops are systematically arranged. The sellers of the particular commodity sit in a line which is also called a ‘market’. A fish market is here, vegetable market is there, grocers (মুদী) sit here, clothes are sole there.

In a village market prices of articles are not fixed. Higgling and bargaining go on for a pretty long time before an actual transaction made. A village market is very useful to villagers. Here they can buy things that are necessary for their day-to-day life. It provides them an opportunity to sell the articles they produce. It also serves as a meeting place for friends and relatives.

A village market is the retail market of every kind of household items as well as the products of large industries. Thus a good number of products are sold there. And it takes part in the progress country’s economy. So the economic value of a village market is a matter to be noted.

Thus a village market plays a very important part in the economic and social life of villagers.


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