Letter to sibling informing the procedure of opening bank account

Suppose, you are Belal of 40 Noyapara, Jashore. Your younger brother/sister, Helal/Helena of 27, Sukrabad, Dhaka wants to open a bank account to deposit his/her scholarship money.

Now, write a letter to him/her informing the procedure of opening a bank account.

40 Noya para, Jashore
10 July, 2023

Dear Helal/Helena
Your letter is to my hand. You asked me how to open a bank account to deposit your scholarship money.

Here it is:
To open a bank account, at first, you have to go to a commercial bank and meet the branch manager who will help you in this regard. When you take an application form, you need to fill in it and get it duly signed by an introducer who has an account with that branch. In this way, you will be introduced to the bank. After that, you must get your application form to be signed by the introducer who must write his address and account number in the relevant part of the application. Then you will be given a signature card. You will have to put your specimen signature on that card and attach two passport-size photographs. All these must be attested by your introducer. Lastly, you need to deposit a cash of at least Tk. 1000 in order to open an account. Write to me soon.

Your elder brother,

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