Reply to father's warned letter not to spend much time on Facebook

Suppose, you are Anik/Anika. You received a letter from your father yesterday. In the letter, he warned you not to spend much time on Facebook. Now, write a reply to his letter.


Dear father,
I received your letter yesterday. Why are you so much worried about my using Facebook? Who said that I spend so much time on Facebook? Abbu, you just trust me, I’m not at all addicted to facebook. You know, facebook is a very good social network. We can get all kinds of news and information through facebook. If there were no facebook, how could I upload my photos and you could see these? How could I communicate with you so easily if there were no facebook? Believe me, I use facebook only for my need. You know, our class has a facebook group. Our class captain gives post if there is any information about the class. I check it two or three times a day. Sometimes I get some reading materials through facebook. But I never use facebook more than half an hour a day. Perhaps you have got some wrong information and that’s why you are worried about me. Nothing to worry about. I’m very serious about my study and you’ve got this proof in my first term exam. You remember that I got A+ in all the subjects.

Mother and Shabu are quite well, and everything is fine. Write to me when you are free.

Yours lovingly
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