Poem : Justice - H. W. Longfellow

Write down the theme of the following poem (Not more than 50 words)

H. W. Longfellow (1807 – 1882)

Once in an ancient city, whose name I no longer remember.
Raised aloft on a column, a brazen statue of justice
Stood is the public square, upholding the scales in its left hand.
And in its right a sward, as an emblem that Justice presided
Over the laws of the land, and the hearths and homes of the people.
Even the birds had built their nests in the scales of the balance.
Having no fear of the sword that Hashed in the sunshine above them.
But in the course of time the laws of (the land were corrupted;
Might took the place of right, and the weak were oppressed, and the mighty
Ruled with an iron rod. Then it chanced in a nobleman’s palace
That a necklace of pearls was lost, and ere long a suspicion
Fell on an orphan girl who lived as a mind in the household.
She, after a form of trial condemned to die on the scaffold.
Patiently met her doom at the foot of the statue of Justice.
As to her Father in heaven her innocent spirit ascended
Lo! o’er the city a tempest rose; and the bolts of the thunder
Smote the statue of bronze, and hurled in wrath from its left hand
Down on to pavement below the clattering scales of the balance,
And in the hollow thereof was found the nest of a magpie.
Into whose clay-built walls the necklace of pearls was in woven.

The Theme : In a public square a Statue of Justice upheld the scales of justice in its left hand and a sword in its right as a symbol of the just laws of the country, governed by the scales and the sword. Once in a disordered situation, an innocent girl was falsely charged with theft of a golden necklace was found in the hollow of the scales which proves that man is unjust but God is just, and finally justice triumphs.

(পাবলিক স্কয়ারে অবস্থিত স্ট্যাচু অব জাস্টিচের বাম হাতে ন্যায়বিচারের দাঁড়িপাল্লা ও ডান হাতে তরবারি যা দেশের ন্যায়সম্মত আইনের প্রতীক হিসেবে দণ্ডায়মান। একদা এক বিশৃঙ্খল পরিস্থিতিতে এক নির্দোষ মেয়েকে অন্যায়ভাবে সোনার হার চুরির দায়ে অভিযুক্ত করা হয়। বিচার কার্যনির্বাহের পর তাকে মৃত্যুদণ্ডে দণ্ডিত করা হয় আর মৃত্যুর পর গলার হারটি দাঁড়িপাল্লার কোটরে পাওয়া যায়। এতে প্রমাণিত হয় মানুষ অন্যায়কারী, পক্ষান্তরে স্রষ্টা ন্যায়বিচারক আর পরিশেষে ন্যায়বিচারের জয় হয়।)

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