Paragraph : Hijacking


Hijacking means the snatching and robbing of essential things from the travelers. It is a serious threat to our life. The hijackers snatch away the things from the innocent passengers when they are alone. They rob the travelers by force. They also use arms or pistols to do this obnoxious work. For fear of hijacking, the passengers can not come on the street. When they have to pass the roads the hijackers block the roads and snatch the things. Sometimes, the hijackers use innocent children or rickshaw pullers to entice the passengers. Frustration, poverty, drug addiction, illiteracy and the causes of hijacking. Now-a-days it has increased much. Everyday we get the news of hijacking in papers. It destroys the peace of our mind. It must be checked. The law-enforcing agencies are to be active to curb the hijackers. They must be given due punishment. We have to remove the causes of hijacking. We have to rehabilitate the hijackers. We have to create proper opportunity for them. If we can create suitable atmosphere, it is hoped that hijacking will be wiped out.
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