Letter to sibling about merits of creating English-speaking environment

Suppose, you are Sunny. Write a letter to your younger brother, Johny, about the merits of creating an English-speaking environment in the friend circle and in the classroom.

15 December 2023

Dear Johny
Received your letter last week, but as I was heavily committed, I could hardly manage time to send the reply. I observe one thing in you that you are still of shy nature. But you must overcome this weakness. I told you time and again to create an English-speaking environment both in the friend circle and in the classroom. Perhaps, you could not realize its significance. Anyway, I again remind you of its importance. English, being an international language, its use or importance is beyond description. Especially if you go abroad for higher education or for any job, you must have fluency in English. Otherwise, you will feel like an obsolete thing. You will not be able to talk to anybody as nobody will understand your Bangla. English, and only English will come forward for your help.

So, please cultivate the habit of creating an English-Speaking environment in your friend circle as well as in your classroom. Start from now onward. Don’t worry if your English is incorrect. It will be alright within a short time as you will learn a lot from your mistakes.

Hope, you will realize its significance and start the new venture soon. Thanks

Your elder brother,
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