Paragraph : Admission in Universities of Bangladesh

Admission in Universities of Bangladesh

Every student wants to get admitted in universities after passing the HSC exam. Everyone has a strong desire to touch their aims. For this they have to work hard. Because admission now-a-days has become very competitive and tough. The number of universities in our country is very limited in comparison with the increasing number of students. The university authorities set minimum marks or grade points average (GPA) as minimum qualification to sit for admission test. The students have to collect forms from the universities and after this, they have to appear at the admission test. For this, students have to prepare well. Because the questions set in admission test are very difficult. Students have to prepare on every branch of knowledge along with their HSC curriculum. Students have to have deep knowledge on current affairs. Taking numerous coaching centers. These centers are really playing great roles for the students though they think more about money earning matter. However, admission test appears as a fearful matter to the students. All the students are not qualified in the public universities. Those who are the luckiest only qualify. Those fail in public universities take the chance at private universities. In fact, we have to increase our seats in universities so that after appearing at the admission tests, all students can get the scope of higher education.
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