Letter to friend sharing experience of train journey that you made

Suppose, you are Sayeem/Samia. You and your parents went to Chattogram by train a few days ago. You wish to share this new experience with your friend, Abrar/ Anika.

Now, write a letter to your friend sharing the experience of the train journey that you made.

22 February 2020

My dear Abrar,
I am glad to know that you have recently been to Gazipur Safari Park to see deer, crocodiles and monkeys living there. I also took a short break from my routine life and went to Chattogram, the commercial capital of our country, by train to visit my aunt. I went there in company with my parents. I would like to share my experience of the train journey with you.

We went to Kamalapur Railway Station in due time. After standing in a queue for about half an hour, we managed to buy tickets and then got on the train. In due time, the train started. The compartment was quite full. A few hawkers entered the compartment and shouted at the top of their voice to describe the qualities of their wares. Some passengers bought some items. The train was running through green paddy fields. We were then in the countryside. Trees, meadows, small rivers and houses appeared to run in the opposite direction. Then the train passed through a beautiful forest. I saw sal, teak and other trees on both sides of the railway line. In due time the train reached Chattogram.

I enjoyed the trip. It brought a change and adds recreation in my monotonous life no more today. 

With love,
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