Letter to younger sibling to follow rules of hygiene so that may not get infected with COVID-19

Suppose, you are Shafi/Safia. You live in a hostel in Dhaka. Your younger brother, Sharat doesn’t wear mask when he goes outside. Also, he doesn’t wash hands properly. He goes outside whenever he wants through the area is under lockdown.

Now, write a letter to him telling him to follow the rules of hygiene strictly so that he may not get infected with COVID-19.

Mirpur, Dhaka
22 September 2020

Dear Sharat,
I hope this email will find you fine. I’m fine too, but I’m really shocked to know from mother that you’re too careless to follow the rules of hygiene and home quarantine though the area is under lockdown.

Listen, we’re passing through a difficult time now due to COVID-19 pandemic. This disease has no remedy and so, the best way to prevent the disease is to follow the rules of hygiene strictly. This disease mainly spreads in droplets through contact with the infected persons. While an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks, the virus comes out through his mouth and nose. If you inhale those droplets, you’ll get the disease. Thus, to avoid infection, you have to maintain home quarantine and social distancing. Also, you must wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds, wear a mask while going out, use hand-sanitizer and gloves, etc. If you go out frequently, you may become infected. Then you may transmit the disease to the family members and your friends and their families. So, please be sensible and stop going out unnecessarily and maintain home quarantine.

No more today. I hope you’ll follow the necessary precautions and keep our family protected from COVID-19. Stay home, stay safe.

Your brother
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