Composition : Teamwork


Teamwork indicates working together of people to complete a certain goal. One of the most significant advantages of teamwork is that the work gets divided between all the group members. Therefore no one has to feel overburdened with the task assigned to them.

Every organization has a division of several teams to perform specific tasks. All the parts of the organization do teamwork and complete the various tasks assigned to them. Teamwork is one of the basic needs for any organization to maintain its function.

There is a leader in every teamwork that is selected by the team members. A team leader will make plans for the work. He or she can then assign work to each person in the group.

Doing big deals without teamwork is impossible. If any organization lacks teamwork it will hamper its success rate. Also, it will affect the people who are working there.

There are three levels of the team in every organization. They are the top level, the middle level, and the lower level.

The top-level is the highest level on the hierarchy of an organization. This team of the organization decides the goals of the company. It’s the level that works towards maximizing profits for the organization. This part of the organization consists of the board of directors, chief executive officers, etc.

The middle level is the second on the hierarchy of an organization. It allows a lot of work to the employees so that they can accomplish the goals that are set by the company. They bridge the gap between the top level and the middle level. The middle level consists of the manager and the supervisors.

The last level in the hierarchy of an organization is the lower level. It is the level which consists of all the employees of the company. The coordination of teamwork is much needed in the employment sector. They work on the tasks assigned to them by the middle level. The base of the organization is the employment sector.

Teamwork has the greatest importance in any part of the world. It is a necessity for smooth functioning. If there is a lack of teamwork, the organization, big or small, can’t function properly. Teamwork is the key to success.

Teamwork generates a relationship between the members of a team. One can learn a lot of things from other people when they work together. It is beneficial for the environment of a person.
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