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Natural Resources

Nature has given us many wonderful gifts. One of these gifts is natural resources. Natural resources are priceless gifts to us that are necessary for our survival on this planet. Everything that we get from nature is a natural resource. They are present in abundance but many of them take time to regenerate.

Natural resources are classified into two types. They are renewable and non-renewable natural resources.

Renewable natural resources are those natural resources that can be reclaimed and reformed after use. These include sunlight, water, air, soil, biomass, wood, etc.

Renewable natural resources are two kinds. They are organic renewable resources that are derived from living things and inorganic renewable resources which are derived from non-living things.

Water, plants, and fresh air are examples of scarce resources. Without a well-managed mechanism for consuming renewable resources, we will not be able to bring them in the future for the next generation to use.

Non-renewable natural resources cannot be duplicated and are only available in finite amounts on the planet. They take many years to regenerate. These resources include coal, minerals, metals, petroleum, natural gasses, etc.

Non-renewable natural resources are also two kinds. Organic non-renewable resources come from dead bodies and fossil fuels. And the inorganic non-renewable resources come from nonliving things.

Both renewable and non-renewable resources are used for various purposes. Wind energy is produced by the movement of air. Water is used for hydroelectric energy production. Plants and trees provide us with wood which we can use to make paper, furniture, and houses. Oil is used to power vehicles and generates electricity. Coins, steel, and jewellery are all made from minerals and metals.

The majority of these natural resources are sustainable but human activities do misuse some of them. Unauthorized and irresponsible use of these natural resources would lead to a scarcity of these resources in the future.

The key cause of the threat of natural resources can be identified as population growth. When the world's population increases, so do the need for more natural resources. The increased use of new technology and requirements has contaminated our natural resources, such as air, water, and soil. Because of overuse, raw materials derived from fossil fuels are in danger of becoming extinct.

The earth has a huge stock of natural resources. They are important for us because our existence depends on them. We should use them wisely and avoid all kinds of wastage. We should adopt a more sustainable lifestyle to preserve nature's gifts for future generations.
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