Composition : Charity Begins at Home

Charity Begins at Home

‘Charity begins at home’ is a true social message. It has two sides. One is to learn from home which we show the others and another one is to serve our home first in order to serve others.

Our parents are our first teachers. We learn a lot from them. ‘Charity begins at home’ indicates that if the parents are involved in charity, the kids shall learn and inculcate this habit too.

Children follow in the footsteps of their parents and do what they do. They observe their parents and begin to follow them. Most of them begin to react in a similar manner as their parents. So it becomes a duty of the parents to behave properly.

The other side of this proverb indicates to learn to care for and love our family to show love to the outside world. Someone who cannot love her family how can she love someone else? 

It implies that a person who is insensitive to the needs of her family members and is involved in social causes cannot be called all that great. It is a person’s responsibility to serve her family first.

In order to help others, we must first help ourselves. The phrase, ‘charity begins at home’ suggests the same. We should first help ourselves and those close to us, only then we shall be able to do good to society. It stresses the fact that in order to help others and make this society a better place we must first work upon ourselves and our close ones.

‘Charity begins at home’ sends a strong message to society. Both sides of this phrase are equally important. We should understand its value to lead a decent life.
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