Dialogue with your friend about your garden

Suppose, you are Selim. You have made a nice garden at your residence.

Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend Sohid about your garden. 

Sohid : Good morning, Selim. 

Selim : Good morning. 

Sohid : Do you have any garden at your residence? 

Selim : Oh, yes. We've a nice flower garden. 

Sohid : Who made the garden? 

Selim : My father started the garden. But, we all in the family look after it. 

Sohid : What kind of flowers do you have in your garden? 

Selim : We have a variety of flowers including rose, tuberose and jasmin. 

Sohid : Do you grow anything other than flowers in your garden? 

Selim : Yes, indeed  We grow some vegetables to meet our family demands.

Sohid : Thank you very much for your information. Soon, I will start such a garden in our residence. 

Selim : You're welcome.
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