Dialogue between you and grocer

You are Reza. You're now at a grocer's shop to buy some flour and sugar. Write a dialogue between you and the grocer.

Grocer : Welcome, sir. Can I help you? 

Reza : Oh, sure. I like to buy some flour and sugar. 

Grocer : Then, you are in the right place, sir. I've flour and sugar of the best quality.

Reza : It's nice. How much do they cost? 

Grocer : Flour 40 Tk per kg and sugar 60 Tk. You see, we sell a. a cheap cost.

Reza : Yes, indeed. I'll take 5 kg. flour and one kg sugar. Here's the money. 

Grocer : Here's your goods. Thank you, sir.

Reza : Thank you very much.
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