Dialogue with friend about your mat village

Suppose, you are Sohid. Write a dialogue between you and your friend Sohel about your mat village.

Sohel : Hello, Sohid. How are you? 

Sohid : I'm fine. You?

Sohel : I'm fine too. I like to know about your village. 

Sohid : The name of my village is Arjuntala. 

Sohel : How many people are there in your village? 

Sohid : About six thousand. 

Sohel : Do you have any educational institution in your village? 

Sohid : Yes. There are one High school, two primary schools and a Dakhil madrasah in our vil You'r most welcome in my village. 

Sohel : Thank you very much. 

Sohid : Thank you, too.
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