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Village Games

Every nation of the world has its own games and sports. They are as necessary for life as food and drink. A man eats and drinks to fulfill his hunger and quench his thirst. But he takes part in games and sports to build up his body and character.

There are many village games and sports. Ha-du-du, Dariabandha, Kanamachhi, Gollachhut, Danguli, six-guti, Sixteen guti, Lathi Khela, Boat-race etc. are the main village games and sports. Young boys take part in these games in their leisure time.

Ha-du-du is a very popoular game. It is an out door game. It is a game of joy not only to the players but also to the spectators . It costs minimum but gives maximum joy and thrill. This game requires a small plain ground.

Each team has equal number of players. The players stand face to face on a line. Each team stands in one part of the ground. One player of a team is allowed to enter the ground of the opponent party. He utters Ha-du-du all the time holding his breath. He tries his best to touch one or more players of the opponent party. If he is successful in his attempt and comes back to his own area, the touched player or players are called dead.

Daribandha is another popular game of our villages. In this game a field is made under certain rules equally divided with lines keeping equal distance from each other. Players are divided into two equal teams. One team stands outside the field and each of the players of the other team stands on each line facing at least one opponent player. Players standing outside enter into the field one by one and try to pass across the field to the finishing end. If any player of a tearn can cross the field from the starting point to the finishing point and vice-versa, the team concerned wins the game.

Lathi Khela is also a popular village game. This game requires some skills and tacties. The healthy and strong people of villages take part in this game.

Boat-race is a popular entertainment of the people of our villages. Generally a boat race is held during autumn on the occasion of any village festival . It is really exciting and thrilling.

Country games are very interesting indeed. They can be played without spending much money. They are source of innocent joy and pleasure. They make us strong, healthy and active.

Village games are part of our culture and heritage. We should play the games to uphold our age old culture and heritage.
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