Paragraph : Uses of Electricity

Uses of Electricity

Electricity is undoubtedly the most important invention of modern science. It is the biggest improvement of modern civilization. With the invention of electricity, our life has changed radically. Electricity is a great source of energy. It has stimulated the invention of many other things based on its power. Many machines and devices such as fans, lights, computers, robots, irrigation pumps, vehicles, airplanes and ships use the power of electricity to run. It has brought about dramatic change in industrial production as well. All the big industrial machines are run by electric power. Electricity has made our household life full of happiness as electric devices such as fan, fridge, air-conditioner, heater, electric cooker and many other electric gadgets have made our life easy. Nowadays city life becomes unbearable without electricity. Even education and healthcare facilities have also become fully dependent on electricity. Educational institutions use many electric devices such as projectors and computers that are run by electricity. Hospitals cannot carry out complex operations without electricity. Hence, it can be said that the modern civilization is, indeed, indebted to electricity for its progress.
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