Paragraph : Threat of Nuclear Technology

Threat of Nuclear Technology

The devastating power of the nuclear technology startled the world during the Second World War two Japanese cities was smashed to dust by only two nuclear bombs. Even only a few years ago, some accidents in nuclear power plants in Russia have left thousands of people dead and disabled. Such incidents do not let the people of the world remain assured that similar things will not happen in future. Moreover, there is every possibility, considering the spread of this technology among many countries that this technology may fall into the hands of some inconsiderate dictators like Hitler or terrorists who will not hesitate to use it against innocent people for their own purpose, hatred or vengeance. If Such things ever happen, there will be irreparable loss. It is a well-known fact that the number of nuclear bombs in the stock of nuclear powers can destroy this world many times. Hence, we cannot but be concerned about the threat of nuclear technology. Furthermore, nuclear technology is very costly requiring huge amount of money for its production and maintenance. It has also stimulated anti-nuclear technology requiring even more money. There is no doubt that if the money that has already been used for producing nuclear bombs and developing anti-nuclear technology as a measure against them could be used for human welfare, the world would be a better place for living
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