Composition : Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution

Plastic is everywhere nowadays. People are using it endlessly just for their comfort. No one realizes how it is harming our planet. In the last decade, plastic has affected the health and life of human beings very badly.

Plastic is very cheap. It costs less than other alternatives like paper and cloth. This is why it is so common and seen everywhere these days, from supermarkets to common households.

Plastic is easy to use. It can be used for almost anything either liquid or solid. It comes in different forms which we can easily mould.

Plastic is a non-biodegradable material. We cannot dissolve plastic in land or water. Thus, the rise of plastic pollution is happening at a very rapid rate.

Plastic pollution is affecting the whole earth, including mankind, wildlife, and aquatic life. It is spreading like a disease which has no cure. We all must realize the harmful impact it has on our lives so as to avert it as soon as possible.

Plastic pollutes our water. Each year, tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean. As plastic does not dissolve, it remains in the water thereby hampering its purity. This means we won’t be left with clean water in the coming years.

Plastic, the wonder material that we use for everything and which pollutes our environment, is perhaps the most harmful of trash dumped by mariners and sea-goers in the sea because it does not readily break down in nature. In fact, the plastic that goes over the side today may still be around in hundreds of years to foul up the fishing gear, boat propellers, and beaches of future generations.

Plastic pollutes our land as well. When humans dump plastic waste into landfills, the soil gets damaged. It ruins the fertility of the soil.

Plastic pollution is ruining everyone’s life on earth. We must take major steps to prevent it. We must use alternatives like cloth bags and paper bags instead of plastic bags. The government must put a plastic ban on the use of plastic.

We need to become aware of the consequences so that we can stop plastic pollution. Kids should be taught from their childhood to avoid using plastic. Similarly, adults must check each other on the same. Also, the government must take stringent measures to stop plastic pollution before it gets too late. All this can prevent plastic pollution to a large extent.
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