Composition : Peacock


The Peacock is famous for its beautiful vibrant colours. It is popular for its spectacular beauty. It certainly has a hypnotic appearance. Its beautiful colours instantly bring comfort to the eyes.

When a peacock dances, it spreads its wings out like a fan. A dancing peacock presents a very beautiful sight. As this dance is very graceful, it has inspired a type of dance, which is known as the Peacock Dance. In this, the movements of a dancing peacock have been imitated. Its long feathers are used to make many beautiful and decorative things. A peacock can fly for only very short distances.

Peacocks are the males of the species. The female of the species is known as a Peahen. They have a stunningly beautiful appearance. Due to this, the bird gets a huge appreciation from around the World. Their length from the tip of the beak to the end of the train is 195 to 225 cm. Also, their average weight is 5 kg. The head, neck, and breast of the Peacock are of iridescent blue colour. They also have patches of white around the eyes.

Peacock has a crest of feathers on top of the head. The most remarkable feature of the Peacock is its extraordinarily beautiful tail. The odd display feathers grow from the back of the bird. Also, these feathers are part of the enormous elongated upper tail. The train feathers do not have barbs to hold the feathers in place. Therefore, the association of the feathers is loose.

The Peacock colours are a result of intricate microstructures. These microstructures create optical phenomena. Also, each train feather ends in an eye-catching oval cluster. The back wings of the Peacock are greyish brown in colour.

Peacocks are omnivorous species. They survive on seeds, insects, fruits, and even small mammals. They live in small groups. A group probably has a single male and 3-5 females. They mostly stay on the upper branches of a tall tree to escape predators. Peacocks prefer to run rather than take a flight when in danger. Most noteworthy, Peacocks are quite agile on foot.

The peacock has also proved to be a good friend of farmers. Since it feeds on insects, it helps in keeping the farmer’s lands free of insects that harm his crops.

Peacock is a bird of mesmerizing charm. Peacock is a bird of exquisite beauty. Due to this, they have been a source of inspiration for artists. Catching a glimpse of this bird can bring delight to the heart.
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