Paragraph : Paragraph and Essay

Paragraph and Essay

A paragraph is a part of a piece of writing which contains different aspects of a single subject. An essay is a short piece of writing which also contains different aspects of a single subject. These two types of composition are different from each other in length, but there are some structural similarities between them. First, both paragraphs and essays have a beginning, a middle and an end. A paragraph has a topic sentence that gives a comprehensive idea about the theme. In the similar way, an essay has also an introductory paragraph to introduce the main idea. Second, there are some sentences known as developers in the middle of a paragraph for the expansion of the idea contained in the topic sentence. Similarly, an essay also has some developing paragraphs in the middle with a view to expanding the introductory paragraph. Lastly, both a paragraph and an essay end satisfactorily. Neither of them can end suddenly and unexpectedly. Like the terminator or concluding sentence of a paragraph an essay also has a concluding paragraph which restates its main idea in a satisfying manner. Therefore, we can say that a paragraph and an essay are structurally similar.
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