Paragraph : A Nearby Convenience Shop

A Nearby Convenience Shop

Didar enterprise is a store where I usually shop. Mr Didar, the owner of the shop is an amiable person. His smiling face welcomes everybody to his store. In fact, his amicable behaviour attracts me to his store. I have been shopping at his store for the last three years. It started when we shifted our house to the area. Almost all the grocery items are available at his store. As I remain very busy at work I get little time to go to market. So, I usually shop at his store on my way home from office. The service of the salesmen is quite good. Prices are also reasonable. It is remarkable that though there are many bigger stores of such type in the area, most customers prefer to shop at his store. This is certainly the result of good behaviour, cheaper price and helpful attitude of the owner and employees of the store.
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