Paragraph : Late Rising

Late Rising

Late rising means the habit of getting up from bed late. Those who are lazy or keep late hours at night rise late. Late rising has many bad effects. Firstly, a late riser cannot enjoy the freshness of nature in the morning. He fails to inhale the fresh air full of oxygen of the morning. Again, he cannot take physical exercise for the betterment of his health. Thus, he fails to become healthy. Secondly, a late riser does not get enough time to prepare himself for the day's work. So, he cannot complete his day's work in time. As a result he cannot be wealthy. Finally, he cannot praise the greatness of the creator who has given us this beautiful morning. So, he cannot be wise. We can avoid this bad habit by getting up early. Moreover, we should try heart and soul to give up the bad habit of late rising. In fine, we should remember the wise saying- Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
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